Jams & Honeys


Jam was first developed almost two thousand years ago in the Eastern Mediterranean as a mouthwatering way of preserving fruit for the winter months. By mixing fresh fruit with juice and honey (or in the modern era, with refined sugar) and cooking the mixture for a set period of time, the natural pectin found in many fruits is released, causing the mixture to set or gel when cooled. When stored in sealed containers, jams can last for months at room temperature. If you add more fruit juice to the mix and strain the jam after cooking, it becomes jelly. And if you use citrus rinds — which have a particularly high concentration of natural pectin — it turns the resulting jam into marmalade, with added depth-of-flavor and a slight bitterness in the final product.

The Mediterranean Bakery is proud to offer a wide variety of delicious jams and marmalades from all over the world, including:

  • Al’Ahlam (Syria: Apricot, Fig, Fig with Nuts)
  • Al’Wadi (Lebanon: Apricot, Fig, Grape Molasses, Quince, Strawberry)
  • Ararat (Armenia: Apricot, Fig, Mulberry, Strawberry)
  • Beirut (Lebanon: Fig, Mulberry)
  • Bonne Maman (France: Intense Apricot, Apricot/Raspberry, Blackberry, Black Currant, Cherry, Fig, Four Fruit, Golden Plum, Lemon Curd, Mango/Peach, Mixed Berries, Muscat Grape, Peach, Plum, Red Current, Strawberry, Wild Blueberries)
  • Clic (Egypt: Guava, Mango)
  • Cortas (Lebanon: Apricot, Cherry, Fig, Fig Ma’akoud, Bitter Orange Marmalade, Quince, Strawberry)
  • Edessa’s (Greece: Cherry)
  • Fior di Frutta (Italy: Apricot, Cherry, Fig, Lemon, Strawberry, Peach, Pear, Pomegranate, Seville Orange, Wild Berries)
  • Hero (Swiss: Apricot, Black Cherry, Black Currant, Blackberry, Blueberry, Forest Berry, Raspberry, Red Currant, Seville Orange Marmalade, Strawberry)
  • KeillerDundee (Australia: Apricot, Ginger, Key Lime Marmalade, Orange Marmalade, Strawberry, Three Fruit)
  • Koska (Turkey: Apricot, Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Strawberry)
  • MacKay’s (UK: Apricot, Blackberry, Blueberry, Ginger/Rhubarb, Lemon Curd, Lime Curd, Lemon/Lime Marmalade, Orange Marmalade with Champagne, Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Strawberry with Champagne, Three Berry, Three Fruit Marmalade, Seville Marmalade, Spice Ginger)
  • Marco Polo (Bulgaria: Apricot Butter, Plum Butter, Rosehip Marmalade, Sour Cherries)
  • Mechelany (Lebanon: Apricot, Fig, Fig Ma’akoud, Strawberry)
  • Mymoune (Lebanon: Apricot, Fig, Fig & Walnuts, Mulberry, Rose, Strawberry)
  • Roland (USA: Ginger, Kumquat, Mint Jelly)
  • Sarabeth’s (USA: Blood Orange Marmalade, Blueberry/Cherry, Cranberry Relish, Mixed Berries, Orange/Apricot Marmalade, Peach/Apricot, Pineapple/Mango, Plum/Cherry, Raspberry/Lime Marmalade, Raspberry/Orange Marmalade, Strawberry/Blood Orange Marmalade, Strawberry/Peach, Strawberry/Raspberry, Strawberry/Rhubarb)
  • Saradis (Greece: Bitter Orange, Cherry, Fig, Grape, Kumquat, Mastiha, Orange, Pergamot, Pistachio, Quince, Rose Petal, Sour Cherry, Vanilla)
  • Setalkel (Syria: Apricot, Bitter Orange, Fig, Pumpkin)
  • St. Dalfour (France: Thick Apricot, Cranberry/Blueberry, Black Cherry, Black Currant, Black Raspberry, Blueberry, Fancy Plum, Four Citrus, Four Fruit, Kumquat, Orange Marmalade, Orange/Ginger, Golden Peach, Gourmet Pear, Pineapple/Mango, Plum, Raspberry/Pomegranate, Red Raspberry, Royal Fig, Strawberry, Wild Blueberry)
  • Tunas (Turkey: Apricot, Blackberry, Dry Fig, Grape, Harnup, Mulberry, Orange, Quince, Stanley Plum)
  • Wilkin & Sons (UK: Black Currant, Ginger, Green Fig, Lemon Curd, Strawberry)


Cultivating honey is an ancient craft independently discovered in several parts of the world, but brought to high art in Egypt some 5,000 years ago. Honey is made by different species of honeybees across Europe and Asia using floral nectar and natural enzymes produced by the bees. Because bacteria do not grow in honey, it can last for years if properly sealed. Different flowers and bee species result in honeys with deliciously different flavors and undertones.

The Mediterranean Bakery carries a delectable selection of honeys and honeycomb, including:

  • Atiki (Greece: Raw Greek Honey, Wild Flora & Thyme Honey)
  • Baroody (Lebanon: Honey with Nuts)
  • Beirut (Lebanon: Orange Blossom Honey)
  • Dutch Gold (USA: Clover Blossoms, Golden Honey, Orange Blossoms, Organic Honey, Wildflower Blossoms)
  • Gunter’s (USA: Pure Clover Honey, Orange Blossom, Wildflower Honey)
  • Honey Brothers (USA: Buckwheat, Clover, Comb, Creamed, Eucalyptus)
  • Langnese Honig (Germany: Acacia Honey, Creamed Honey, Forest Honey)
  • Madhăva (USA: Organic Amber Honey)
  • Marco Polo (Bulgaria: Acacia Honey)
  • Mielbio (Italy: Italian Forest Honey)
  • Orino (Greece: Greek Honey)
  • Shifa (USA: Healing Honey)
  • Vintage (Turkey: Pure Bee Honeycomb)
  • Wellmade (USA: Honey with Comb, Pine Honey)
  • Ziyad (Lebanon/USA: Pure Bee Honeycomb)